Robin Leabman | Photographer Profile

Robin Leabman Photographer BioRobin LeabmanPhotographer Bio Throughout my childhood I had a couple of cameras. My first was a Polaroid. My second was a red 110 camera. When I was 13 years old my dad gave me my third camera, a Pentax MX SLR with a 52mm prime and a 55-230mm zoom. I loved that manual camera! I used it throughout high school shooting sporting events and assignments for the school newspaper. I continued to shoot with it throughout college until the film-wind mechanism broke. The cost to repair it would have been more than to go out and buy a new camera.

As digital was expanding its reach to the masses, I was forced to buy a 4 megapixel Canon point and shoot. I used it and other Canon variations over the years while pushing their capabilities and features. I was shooting memories but nothing memorable nor amazing. Due to my aviation career I was avoiding digital SLR cameras for cost, size, and weight reasons. I needed something with more capability, but my need for a camera smaller than an SLR with all the features of an SLR just wasn’t available. I had lost my tools for creative endeavor… Until I was introduced to Sony’s mirrorless APS-C cameras. I first owned a NEX-7, then upgraded (or downgraded, depending on who’s asking) to the A6000.  I absolutely loved that camera and the beautiful images I was getting were very exciting, until three cowards in Rome jumped me, choked me out, and stole everything on me. I went down swinging, but they still prevailed. I was left with a bruised ego, bruised larynx, some scrapes, and a nice insurance payout that let me buy the Sony A6500!

I’m thrilled to have been referred to Zenfolio by my photographer brother, Max Leabman. It is a lightning rod attracting superb photographers and storytellers from around the globe to publish their vision of how they see the world through the lens. I’m happy to be here, and ready to explore.